Sisters in Celebration



Nessa + Dana continue to follow their passion to share in the cultivation of deeper and stronger relationships between women. Their past +7 years directing Sisters in Celebration proves that women can be sisters of choice!

They are very passionate about designing and offering opportunities to those who wish to explore their sacred selves through focused experientials within private, sacred virtual space.

Soon they will be offering experientials sponsored by Sisters in Celebration! You may register to join us on any of our online experientials or retreats and journey back to the sacred, back to you.

Please visit Sisters in Celebration and sign up for the newsletter to receive our announcements.

Remember, your life and your journey through it is a reminder that you have a path…… it is your path, but when you share with others it can breathe new life into your practice.



One other kick-ass unique thing you need to know:

Whether you register for any external experiential or Sisters in Celebration‘s Priestess Path Journey, you need to know that we do not ‘teach’. When we offer our experientials, we *Nessa + Dana* take all of your experiential journeys with you.  Truth. We are right there with you, having our own experiences and sharing them and sharing in yours. Yes, we developed a superb way to experience- but we experience it with you and we share- just like you do. We are *not* far away. We are in heart-deep  with you. Every. Single. Time.


OK, two kick ass things……… You also need to know hat we have created safe, sacred space for you. You may do inner soul work, to develop authentic expression, or simply to experience real, genuine sisterhood for the first time. Sisterhood is invaluable to us.  We don’t know what we would do without ours.  We are offering ourselves up to be your sisters.


*Smooches* and (((hugs))) cropped-nessadana2.jpg Dana and Nessa


5 thoughts on “Sisters in Celebration

  1. I am still trying to figure out a lot of things on this site. But I wanted to let you know that I have found my new Spiritual Home, and I am settling in….Love to you… Luna

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