Dana’s Story


Picture Hello Gorgeous Souls.

My name is Dana, and I have been in Her service since 2007.

My passion is assisting women in the process of discovering themselves; their inner rhythms, their subconscious beliefs and motives, their infinite and glorious potential.
I know how it feels to live in a closet and believe that my family will not love or accept me if I admit I am different from them; that I think, feel and believe differently.  I know how shame feels.  I know how fear feels.  And I know how it feels to come out on the other side of fear and shame.  I know how it feels to celebrate my unique capacity for love.

This website is designed to offer you a place for sisterhood.  Nessa and I also offer beautiful courses that inspire women to explore aspects of themselves in a sacred space that is free of judgment.

We’ll love the screamin shit out of you and celebrate every new insight and hidden space you find within your perfect, sacred self.

We will walk beside you when you discover things you don’t like.

We will honor those places with you and hold space for you as you make new life-affirming decisions and beliefs for yourself.

And then we will follow you as deeply as you need to go.  I’m all about some Inanna work, personally.  😉  *And Nessa kicks it with Kali-Ma*  So, ain’t no place too dark or deep for us.

We don’t just deal in the dark places, though.  We also celebrate the chit out of some empowered places, some happy milestones in women’s lives, some “light and love” places we all need to visit and rest in.

We love music.
We love self-love.
We love nature and herbalism.
We love porn.
We love the magical and the mundane.
We love woman space.
We love you.

Check out our courses.  Check out our forums.  Expect us to change as soon as Nessa says, “Hey.  I gotta Idea!”  LOL  But most of all, know that, whatever we look like and wherever we park our asses, you are welcome, accepted and loved.


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