Nessa’s Story


Picture I am delighted and totally dancing on one ass cheek to make introductions!

Who the fuuuu is Nessa?
My spiritual name is Nessa CrescentMoon….. (known as Mom to my kids, Lisa to my mom + dad, and Ms. Lisa  to the students who visit the library I work in)   I’m the co-creatrix of  Sisters in Celebration & one of the  High Priestess Directors  there.

How’d I get here …?

Well, I received my formal ministry training from Luna Blanca via the White Moon School of the Feminine Divine (wow  , that was back in 2004 – 2005!) In the summer of ’05, I created Sisters of The Triple Moon. It was a lovely thriving + active sisterhood that morphed into Sisters in Celebration when Artemisia decided to combine our energies.
And that’s when I met Dana. We’ve collaborated on many projects, bounced ideas and poptarts. 😉 We’ve sat on patio’s, porches, bar stools, and extra green grass together, sharin’……. experiencing and thriving on sacred sisterhood. She sure as hell don’t live next door to me, but really…whats a thousand miles or whatever between sistah-friends?

Whats Sisters in Celebration……?
What!   You haven’t heard of SIC?   STOP. click the link… then hop on back over here, K? 🙂
Cuz SIC is a cozy and  cool sisterhood that never ceases to nourish my sacred wummin heart! I frikken adore SIC! I consider all there to be my teachers,mentors, friends, sisters. As co-creatrix of the curriculum that Sisters in Celebration offers, I get the uber special honor of walking along with women as they journey on their paths. I also get to hang out with Dana, Artemisia, and Serenity  ( my co-directors in SIC ).. and scads of way groovy Goddess wimmin.

Local, much….?
I am  an ordained High Priestess and community minister; I officiate life celebrations such as  weddings, handfastings, blessing ways, house blessings and such in the local  Illinois-Quad Cities area.  I also take part in local women’s circles, offer face 2 face studies along with online explorations.

What else…?
I’m a happy wife and calm (yeah calm…. ok, maybe spastic… whatever.) mother of three. I’m an exuberant local community volunteer and I work as a library tech in a high school.

What you REALLY need to know is…..

I’ve never been in a broom closet…spiritual closet, sexual closet… so from me, your gonna get ALL I am!

I don’t even know who’s reading this and I fukin love ya…..
O_o    oi!  hit up the comment box and thow a hug over this way.


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