Sacred Sisterhood + Sanctuary = Your Sacred Self


“Your Sacred Self” began with two wimmin who had a deep, burning desire, to offer other wimmin a safe, sacred space to be completely, authentically, no-holds-barred, themselves.  We wanted to offer a place where they had to be real… raunchy real.  Real with themselves first.  Real with their aches and hurts and insecurities.  Real with their beauty and their magnificence and their divine yumminess.

We wanted to provide a sanctuary and teach wimmin to priestess themselves.  We’re talking extreme self-care, soul-touching reflection, raw expression, intense gratitude, and sacred surrender.

We wanted to lavish our sisters with sacred goodies and freebies that offered nourishment physically, emotionally and spiritually. And we wanted all of this for you at such a reasonable price that you would respond with “What??  How can you do all of that for just this much?  Color me IN!!!”

Is this making you *perk* up and take notice?

Imagine an online world where you are guided by two highly motivated, highly hilarious and highly generous wimmin, into a Wummin house.  And each room in this house has a specific theme or purpose.  A new wonderful exploration experience, guided meditations, internal landscape exercises and much more.

Imagine ongoing seasonal gifts of yummy elixirs, grounding and soothing tea blends, luscious Goddess oils and healing salves.

And the first 10 women who sign up with a yearly membership will receive a Yule gift from us!  And this ain’t no little chit, either.  This is yummyliscious soul-soothing awesomeness in your mailbox. *from Sacred Hoop Herbals*

You will get members-only journal prompts, guided meditations, empowerment exercises and tons more. And sacred sisterhood.

Wanna know more?  Keep reading!


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