Your Sacred Self Membership


Hola, Gorgeous Wimmin!

Nessa and I are tickled PINK that you are here with us.
If you have visited our site thoroughly and watched our GawdAwfullyAwesome videos, you know that we are two very very very informal wimmin.  We are also very snarky, very sparkly, very grounded, very open and very compassionate.  And very courageous, especially if you count us hanging our bare asses (I mean faces) out for the world to see on video.  We watched ourselves and read all that we wrote out for you and we realized something.  We need to give you a more solid view of “Your Sacred Self” membership.  *we got so excited that we forgot that part*

So.  Let me back up just a tad.
Several years back, Nessa created a FABulous private group called “Sacred Surrender”.  And you were only allowed to join this membership if you were willing to let all your chit hang out.  For real.  It was pretty hardcore.  And I was honored to be a member of this amazing, transparent and strong group of wimmin.  We kept a weekly journal, we explored our beliefs and judgments, we explored our bodies, we learned how to nourish ourselves, and we kept it real.  Totally real.  No hiding, no whining (without cheese and really awesome fruits), and no needy bullshit.  We were allowed to gripe and bitch as long as we were willing to look for insight and resolution.

And then we had awesome groups that we could interact within, express ourselves, glean amazing insights, and even deepen our spiritual practices.  No one had to believe the same thing.  No one had to belong to every group.  But we all had to participate in some way.  And it was gorgeous.
It was Raw. Gorgeous. Real. Sacred.
This is what we are offering to you.  For a very small membership, you get this experience and TONS more.  We have uber-amazing yumminess in store for you when you gift yourself with a yearly membership!

For this awesome launch, through December 1 (as long as I have it in my apothecary), Sacred Hoop Herbals is gifting yearly members with *gasp* $50 in free herbal goodness!  Hunny, we’re talking healing salves, Goddess oil blends, amazing elixirs, tinctures, tree medicines, OH! I am so excited to be offering this to you!!!

Also with a year’s membership, you will receive Nessa’s Amazing Creation, A Mini Book for Your Sacred Self.  This is a +24 page pdf she has compiled of our most awesome ritual, inspiration and magickal grooviness!

If you select a monthly membership, you will also receive lots of awesome freebies (cuz we love freebies, dontchaknow), but they will be all digital and will not be showing up in your mail box.

So let’s break it down:

When you join us with a year membership, you receive

  • Us!
  • Membership to Your Sacred Self *which includes a groovy Wummin House with rooms you can explore*
  • Free goodies all over the place
  • *yearly members* $50 in free nourishing herbal blends from Sacred Hoop Herbals
  • *yearly members* A Mini Book for Your Sacred Self
  • Free mp3s, meditations, ritual examples, etc.
  • Seasonal explorations
  • Group ritual!
  • Safe, sacred space for you to do inner soul work, to develop authentic expression, or simply to experience real, genuine sisterhood for the first time.

All of this was really hard for us to place a value on… you know how it goes:  It’s worth a squillion dollars, but we are letting you have it for the screamin-low price of ___.  Well, we just can’t do that.  Or maybe we just won’t.

A sisterhood membership is invaluable to us.  We don’t know what we would do without ours.  We are offering unlimited time in the Wummin House, unlimited exploration and chat time with us, membership goodies that nourish your body + spirit, examples of rituals and celebrations that enrich our lives to this day…

We could go on forever.

We chose to offer you this membership in this format because we wanted to have one place in which to give you EVERYthing we offer.  And we have set the membership at $99 per year or only $10 per month.   I KNOW!  We couldn’t believe it either!  🙂

If you have any questions after reading our website, please feel free to contact us on our gorgeous Facebook page, or you can use our contact page on this site.
Love love love you!

*blowing kisses*
Dana and Nessa

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