At the Gathering


Hey, it’s Nessa….
I’m sitting out in the stairs here at the Sisters in Celebration annual gathering …

I’m in awe.
I’m extremely honored to be part of such a phenomenal group of ladies. We have been here a bit over 24 hours and my world is rocked – in the best fukin possibly way.
You see, Your Sacred Self is getting ready to launch on Monday… And as excited as Dana and I are… Artemisia and Serenity are too!!!! Their love and support are deeply significant.
We’ve been a part of eachothers lives for +8 years! We’ve all learned awesome chit together, grown and birthed forth the amazingness that is SIC.
Incase you just tuned in … SIC is where we offer Priestess Training. We love exploring Goddess Spirituality with others.
YSS (Your Sacred Self) is where it gets über personal – it’s where you explore You.
Dana and myself… We LIVE for diving deep & having a good time doing it. We LOVE sharing the explorative journey with wimmin who are wanting to know themselves, and know other wimmin in a way that culture and society may deem as unimportant.

We need a space to call our own.
We need other wimmin to learn from and grow with.
We need other wimmin to laugh, cry, rage, and cheer with.
We need that.
We SO fukin need that.

So here Dana and I are…. Offering just that … And a helluva lot more.

Your wanted here, Wummin.
Heck, your NEEDED here.

I’m exited for Monday.
I may have mentioned that… LoL
I hope your excited too.


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