Pink Flamingo


Picture Pink Flamingos stand on my internal lawn; they represent each random thought or fleeting feeling that I have.
The thoughts and feelings come and then they wander off, as if I have given them too much cake and they need a nap.
I admit to giving these glorious flamingos free reign of my inner landscape; they hopscotch by me.

I do not try very hard to focus on them any longer than I would hold on to them if they were on fire.

Perhaps I do, just barely long enough to giggle at another ‘flamingo of thought’ as it dashes past.

Past……. !

There’s a busload of pink flamingos waving to me with a fistfuls of feathers!
They each represent my fleeting feelings and random thoughts as moments in time.

What I am trying to say is this:

As I take notice of these fabulous waltzing pink flamingos, I know of nowhere more safe and sacred that in our Wummin House to waltz with my own pink flamingos.  It beats the hell out of waltzing with only myself.

❤ Nessa


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