Wummin Space


Picture What does a wummin do when she doesn’t have sacred wummin-space?  It has been so long since I have been on the outside of sisterhood, but I do remember how it felt to not trust.

I didn’t trust other wimmin.

I didn’t trust baring my soul.  I used to say that it was my “bare ass hanging out”.

I didn’t know how to communicate with other wimmin.

I didn’t understand “sacred space”.

But I learned.  Or maybe I remembered.

Because there was something inside me that knew I was missing something.  And there was a remembrance inside me that couldn’t be ignored.

I was gently prodded towards interacting with other wimmin while I explored myself.  I listened to these wimmin as they had their insights and aha moments… I learned how to witness another’s journey.  I learned how to be an encourager.  How to support without being an enabler.

I also learned how to ask for wimmin to hold space for me without feeling like a victim.  And I was amazed at how empowering that felt.

When you join us in the Wummin House at Your Sacred Self, you have the opportunity to have these experiences as well.

You can learn how to trust.  How to bare your soul.  How to communicate.  How to recognize and create your own sacred space.  And so much more, dearest.

Come join us.  Drink from the well of sacred wummin space.  And leave something at the altar for your sisters.

You are loved.



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