Thank you!


This has been a beautiful month for Nessa and me.  We have opened the door to the Wummin House, we have been blessed with amazing sisters, and we have been richly supported by so many gorgeous people who love the haven we have created for wimmin all over the world.

We are beside-ourselves-grateful.

Thank you.

Keep in mind that, if you would like to join us as an annual subscriber, Sacred Hoop Herbals will send you $50 in free herbal yumminess if you subscribe by December 1, 2012.  *USA residents only.  If you are outside the US and you wish to receive this amazing gift, I can give you a quote on actual shipping cost*

So, are you interested in what the Wummin House looks like?  Here’s Nessa giving you the walkaround:


Let’s go into The Wummin House.

Here’s the nickel tour:

We have a living room ; you can head on in and introduce yourself and show off your spiffy lounge sox!

A Library; you can read, research and recommend books, blogs, sites, and good stuff like that!.

We have a Great Room, where ritual and celebration take place! And a Conservatory where we can share, explore and recommend music. There’s even a Workout Room; and like the sign on the door says; ” This ain’t for just losing weight & gaining a J-Lo Bootie! This is where you pump your spiritual muscles!”

Out back in the yard there is The Giving Tree, you’ll definitely want to hang out there and see what succulent treats are being offered….who doesn’t like free stuff!?

Another cool room is the Seasonal Room. The door is locked at the moment, but rumor has it that it will magically upon around the Winter Solstice.

So, that’s the Wummin House as it stands right now. It is sure to evolve, just as we all do!


Ready to join us?  We’re ready to welcome you!  Go to our Membership page to subscribe!

Love, Dana


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