And then we Stand.


Hello gorgeous wimmin.  This is Dana.

Creating this fabulous space with Nessa has been very good for me.  This process and this “exposure” has made me stretch waaaaaay out of my comfort zone, and I am so grateful.  For example, I NEVER would have made videos of myself in the past… you have seen several examples of me baring my bizness.  *figuratively of course*

This most recent exposure scared and excited me at the same time.  And I realized shortly after I did it that I am one of many who really wanted to say this.  Many beautiful souls feel pain around this subject.  One name for it is “reverse discrimination”.

Since we received so much feedback, both public and private, from Facebook, we would like to clarify what exactly my message was and why I felt the need to take this stand.

The following is what I wrote along with posting this picture on Facebook:

I saw a post from a page I used to “like” here on Facebook, and they were saying really angry things about “white” people. And you know what? It hurt my heart. Because people who look at me see “White woman”. But do you really see me?

I carry 8 nationalities in my blood. And I carry each one with pride, honor and gratitude. And 2 of them are what many Native Americans call “NDN”.I would like to request that my NDN brothers and sisters pause a moment and reflect before they speak. Because you have sisters and brothers that you can’t always identify by sight.

Dana Tate

Then the fabulous Grandmother Marian Dawn SkyWeaver of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers honored me by sharing my picture, and I was very grateful. She said along with sharing my picture: “We are all One. No color just flesh and blood human beings”.

Next, I am going to explain why I created that picture and what my message was.  If you get something else from my message… something that applies solely to you… then I am grateful.  Your message and your stand doesn’t have to look like mine for me to honor it.

One of my new Facebook friends commented on how deeply this stand affected her, and I shared with her the following:

“I struggled with feelings of not being accepted by my native family for a long time, did a lot of healing around that, and thought all was well. Until I saw a post that made me realize that I just had to speak up about something that has hurt me for many years.

My message is not that I am asking to be “accepted”… I am very happy with myself, and I surround myself with people who love me, regardless of their race or heritage.

My message is intended to be a gentle reminder to my native siblings to be mindful of what they say on Facebook. They are lumping people together and making accusations just like they accuse white people of doing. And hurting their siblings in the process.”


Now, let me say this: I love “Russell Means” and “Big Foot Riders” and “Leonard Crow Dog” and the “Floyd Red Crow Westermans” of the world. The people with heart, who fight for the rights and freedoms of their people. I honor their messages and their intentions.

My people are Cherokee and Choctaw, and I honor them.

But my people are also English, French, Irish, Scot, German, Dutch and Chinese.  <– Oops, that was 9 total.  I really am a Heinz 57.  LOL

Nessa and I are HUGE on embracing the diversity of others.  We love that you are of a different culture, color, belief system, temperament, sexual orientation, etc.  That is part of what makes our Wummin House the glorious and fascinating place it is.

We hope to see you in the House.


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