I’m journeying with presence.

Goddess. Present.
Me. Present.

All accounted for – Let’s roll!  WooooHooo!

Kick-Ass Question:
Does being mindfully present offer me less than being all up ‘n active and seeking out Cosmic-Aha’s at the speed of light?

Le Answer :   I have this feeling that somewhere in the process of it all that those wisdoms leak and suck like osmosis or something. Not a Whoa-Damn!….. but more like an Oh.Cool. Ok.

I deeply appreciate presence and I know that I am all kinds of grateful and happy that I can be simply present for whatever.

Bottom Line: Being present with the Divine is special and sacred.


This past summer, I walked along a circle-sister’s lovely back-yard garden. I paused and heard “Presence is always”. I saw spilling out onto Earth, blossoms as red as Love. I thought…. Goddess is a flower.

I chuckled aloud cuz damn~ it’s wonderful how often I am reminded that Goddess is always present…. as I aspire to be.

In SisterLove, Nessa


2 thoughts on “Presence

  1. Hi Nessa, I like your bottom line. In my experience it’s not either or (I’m a big fan of both/and) but ah-has come (in their own time and on their own terms – you can only seek them up to a point) WHEN you are present in the Presence. ~ Kema

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