Our Angels : Ana

Awesome Sisters

We have some very special angel friends we want to introduce to you over the course of this week.

These awesome wimmin have a deep love and reverence for angels, and they receive beautiful messages for us.  We interviewed them individually because each has a unique message to share, and we know you will fall in love with them just like we did.

We’ll just call this “The Angel Series”

We will begin with our Angel Sister, Ana:

1. Tell us about yourself and how you began working with Angels.


I can start off by saying I went from having my life in order to going through a period of time where I was completely lost and nothing in my life made sense. Everything kept changing and I didn’t know who I was.  I somehow came across Doreen Virtue who speaks of Angels in her books and radio show. As my world got weirder, her writings made more sense. What do you have to lose when you already feel lost? So I gave it a try! I went from completely lost to completely awake. I am now a Certified Angel Card Reader™ by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

2. What is an angel reading, and how do they work?

An angel reading is a less traditional approach to card reading that is 100% safe and gentle. The readings come from loving messages from our angels. Sometimes what we can’t see, the angels DO! These readings give us clear messages, actions steps, and divine guidance.

3. Give examples of who can benefit from an angel reading.

YOU!  We all benefit from angel readings. Angels really are eager to help us in any situation we find ourselves in no matter how small or big we may consider it to be. All we have to do is ask!

4. What other services (if any) do you offer?

I am an Intuitive Coach/Guide who uplifts others while creating flow, freedom, and complete abundance. I am very passionate about this because I know part of my purpose is to help those who are feeling lost, find their way. I use divine guidance to help others in their journey.

5. What is the most important message our Angels want women to know at this time?


THE SITUATION-Our angels are saying that the timing is right for this new venture. In answer to your question, yes, this situation is everything that you hoped it would be. It is still a good idea to pray for angelic assistance along the way. Whether you want to change jobs, study something new, or start your own business, now really is the time. There are so many women who have been having these recurring thoughts and it is time! Follow the guidance of your heart and move forward fearlessly!


POSSIBLE BLOCK-Stress and noise are blocking you. Angel Leila is urging us to spend time alone outdoors in nature. Be around flowers and trees and take in a deep breath of the new you and release what has already served its purpose. This time alone will help clear you of any stress. Then, meditate and pray about your desires and intentions. You will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.


THE ANGELS’ GUIDANCE TO HEAL THIS BLOCK-The message is loud and clear. As we say goodbye to 2012 we need a “TIME OUT!”  We love being the super heroes at home, as moms, or at the office, and even in our love lives. The message here is really self care. (How appropriate 😊).  Here is a direct quote from Angel Teresa “Dear one, you’ve been working very hard! You’re very tired now, yet you keep pushing yourself to work more, more, more! I am here to firmly and lovingly take your hand, and tell you to ‘Stop!’ The angels say us women, are in this desperate need of time out. They are showing me an illustration of an angel sending us to a time out. They show us this illustration because they know some of us, ok most of us, won’t take the initiative. So our angels are taking a hold of the situation and doing it themselves. Let’s listen to these beautiful beings and put ourselves on time out. We will all be more efficient and productive after taking this rest.


THE PROBABLE OUTCOME-I am hearing happiness and good times! You will reach a point where you will say “aaah this is what I was waiting for”. We are at an end of a cycle and it is time of letting go. You may be feeling sad. It’s ok to cry. Please always remember that when something goes away it is replaced with something better! This might mean let go of a bad relationship, unwanted job, a person who just doesn’t belong, or even personal items. Really, ALL that doesn’t belong let it go in a loving way. The angels are also saying let go of emotions that no longer serve us, like fear and self doubt. They are showing me these fears hanging in our closets. Take them out and give them to your angels for transmutation and replace them with courage, love, and wisdom. Remember to breathe dear ones!

 Thank you for allowing me to do this reading and I’d appreciate to hear your feedback!

 *Standing Ovation* <– Nessa + Dana

6. How can you be reached for a reading?

Our angels have a big message for this upcoming 2013 year. They urge us to take a leap of faith and do something we have never done before. I am providing 2013 Angel Readings through my website. This yearly reading will help you map out your year. I also offer a variety of readings for any situation and I am here of service. My objective with any reading is to bring loving, uplifting messages to your from your angels. I will also be providing a weekly uplifting reading on my website. Check it out if you feel guided to do so. I can be reached at www.upliftingwings.com. You can also contact me at angelcardreadings@upliftingwings.com if you have specific questions.

Thank you! ❤

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