Filling our Cups


Dana's Cup  Hello you gorgeous wimmin!!!  ♥

Nessa and I are on this simple yet awesome journey to fill our cups.  It is a 30 day email and Facebook group journey that is starting off with some amazingly open sharing… it’s a neat little heart space that I am enjoying already.

We wish we had seen this sooner… we would have invited all of you gorgeous wimmin to join us!  I found it the night before it began… announced it on Facebook as soon as I joined… and here we sit, all cozy in our private Facebook group with 160+ gorgeous wimmin who are looking to have their cups filled.  ♥  It inspires me to offer something like this to all of you one day.  For now, though, I will hold off on “doing” and focus on watching my lovely cup fill up.  ♥

I took a little walk around my yard this morning and gave gratitude for my sweet space.  I thought I’d share a little of my wooded paradise.  Today is such a beautiful day… I walked around in a sarong and slippers.


I love my back patio.  I have art all over the place; Jack doesn’t seem to mind too much.  He just navigates around it.  🙂

I have a gorgeous azalea garden I will show you in the spring, but right now, my huge camellias are beginning to bloom!


Wanna see more?  Visit my blog post over at Southern Herbalist.

What would you like to do today to fill your cup?

Love, Dana
*sending you love while sipping basil tisane*

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