Our Angels : Clara

Awesome Sisters

Angel Sister Clara!


1. Tell us about yourself and how you began working with Angels.

Hi, I was born and raised in Guatemala, Central America, when I came to the US in my mid twenties, I didn’t know anything about spirituality, all my knowledge was centered in organized religion and considered my self a rebel, and a sinner at heart.  I just “knew” that the concept of God, was different of what I’ve been told over the years.   I started to study eastern spirituality.  After being immersed in vedic tradition, the Angels and Archangels made their presence known very sudden, fast I’d say, but so strong  and powerful that they are very present in every aspect of my life.  Once I opened the door for them, and reconnected with my True Divine Essence, everything fell into place and my life changed radically and so drastically that today I see myself as a completely different person.  I am in service to my brothers and sisters and I also help Mother Earth to transcend and evolve into higher dimensions and energies.  I witness every day of my life the “miracles” of the messengers of Spirit.

2. What is an angel reading, and how do they work?

An angel reading is a  way to ask and receive messages from Spirit that your Angels want you to know and are channelized by others or yourself.  You can use oracle cards, crystals, intuition, visions, using the “clairs”:  clariaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance.  Angel readings are actually a very simple but POWERFUL tool to get in touch with your inner self, your guides, and the Spirit realm, to fulfill your life’s mission; they work for everything!

3. Give examples of who can benefit from an angel reading.

Anyone can benefit from an angel reading!  In these times of change, raising the vibration of our beloved planet, confusion, despair, anger, sadness, or frustration can really get us sometimes, or even for a long periods of times. The energy of an angel reading is very uplifting, positive and joyous… it can help to see hope and the Unconditional Love that Universe gives us ALL the time.  It helps us to anchor our Spirituality and takes us to the next level of consciousness.  Angels are here to help unconditionally!

4. What other services (if any) do you offer?

Angel, tarot, intuitive and crystal readings.  Healing sessions integrating different modalities like:  Integrated Energy Therapy®, Crystal Energist®, reiki, aromatherapy, aka dua, candle ceremonies, mayan shamanism, being mainly clairaudient and clairvoyant I offer mediumship and animal communication. Monthly meditations (in person and online) and basic astrology charts.  Services are offered in Spanish and English.

5. What is the most important message our Angels want women to know at this time?

Message channeled from Archangel Ariel (means “the lioness of God”):

Archangel Ariel

Beloved ones, thank you for assisting and helping in the raising of vibration of our Beloved Gaia, thank you because at this time, Divine Feminine Energy is so much needed for the triumph of the light over the imbalance of our Universe.  In this time when courage on human beings is being tested and can be broken so easily, you as women are warriors for the Highest Purpose of life, co-creators for a perfect world, where balance and Unconditional Love reign over corruption and deceit.   The Celestial Guard is with you, with Gaia, helping through the labor pains of becoming a lighter and evolved place.  Give the welcome to the new and renovated “females” of this time, she is there right inside you, becoming one with the Male principle of our Universe, we are not better or nicer than men, the genders have a perfect and Divine origin in the plan of our Creator being one as a whole.  We are here, helping you through these transitions of time and space, where “modern” life will succumb to the force of Divine Order and Love.  Every time that you feel confused, go within you and find that warrior that could be still asleep or imprisoned in the illusion of ego.  You are strong women, who chose to be here at this time, helping everybody, nurturing them like mothers with their children.  Yes all your brothers and sisters are Divine Children of God, you as Goddesses yourselves must help in the teaching of the old ways and restore peace and order.  Always with you, like a lioness protecting her cubs…. Ariel….

6. How can you be reached for a reading?

Fb personal page:  Clara Maria Mariaka Barrios, through Skype clara.mariaka.barrios

email: terapiasangelicales@gmail.com/ cmariaka@gmail.com

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