Our Angels : Gris

Awesome Sisters

Angel Sister Gris!


1. Tell us about yourself and how you began working with Angels.

A:- I always love the angels, I always knew when I was being helped by them, but I never had the urge to let others know and speak more openly about it or even work for them, I was led to work full time for the angels by studying the tarot cards.  When I was studying the tarot cards there were some cards that didn’t feel right to me and I started searching for different kind of cards. I found Doreen Virtue’s cards online, I ordered the deck (I was lucky it was just published), I searched   groups and found her on FB and I listened  to her on the radio.  I also bought some oracle cards, then I took the course Angel card reader, and my life has changed.  I’m a Certified Angel Card Reader® by Doreen Virtue and  Radleigh Valentine.

2. What is an angel reading, and how do they work?

A:-An angel reading is a way to connect with the Divine, with God himself, God sends his angels to help us with everyday problems, during a reading I am able to receive messages with the assistance of channeling Archangels Gabriel and Michael, and I receive loving guidance and support.  I can help you answer your most important questions by using the guide messages of Angel Oracles Cards and Angel tarot Cards.  I communicate with the angels in intuitive and written way to give the answers to those who wish to hear the messages.

3. Give examples of who can benefit from an angel reading.

A:-Anyone can benefit from a reading, there is help for any situation or event that happens in your life, like your health, relationships, love, family. Finances. Anyone can benefit if they open their heart and listen carefully to the signs and messages sent by God through the Angels.

4. What other services (if any) do you offer?

I offer energy reading if the client needs it after the reading, like cutting major cords, attachments of toxic emotions, and thoughts from past relationships that affect his/her daily life progress.

5. What is the most important message our Angels want women to know at this time?

The angels guide me to the Messages from Your Angel Oracle Cards By Doreen Virtue



“It is safe for you to be powerful. You know how to be powerful in a loving way that benefits others as well as yourself”.

Women in the past have been afraid of their own powers, they have worried that others would disapprove of them or leave them if they allow their true power to shine, and it is time to speak up or act from your true power. The angels are helping the women to open up to reveal their power to themselves and others in a way that enhances their relationships, self-esteem and life purpose.

Your powers comes from love, from God. You who are made in the image and likeness of your creator have unlimited power within you and your creator.

6. How can you be reached for a reading?

You can contact me through Face Book page:  Susurrus Angelicales…It means Angel’s whispers

My Facebook page is bilingual Spanish/English

My website is under construction.

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