Our Angels : Lourdes

Awesome Sisters

Angel Sister Lourdes!

1. Tell us about yourself and how you began working with Angels.

My name is Lourdes, I am originally from Spain but I have spent the past 15 years living in UK and now USA. I consider myself an Angel Intuitive but I truly believe that we all have the capacity to connect with our Angels and follow their guidance, if we just listened.

As far a can remember, I have always been intuitive and was able to “read” people. From an early age I learned that if I didn’t listen to the inner voice warning me about things…I would soon be in trouble! I finally learned that the voice I heard in my mind was in fact, Angelic!!

When I was 21, I read my first Angel Book…I remember reading about the different angels and as I went to work one evening I asked the angels of happiness to come and show me their presence. That was the best night I remember!! I was working in a summer resort, in a bar…and I got all my friends there,my favourite music, I got more tips that night than all of my colleagues combines…it was simply pure joy!!

From that moment, I started mentally communicating with my Angels. Back in 2005, I was going through a major life change. I was on a bad relationship and was terribly unhappy. I just read Doreen Virtue’s book, “Healing with the angels” and went ahead and prayed my heart out…I asked to be shown the love that never dies…and there I went with a long detailed list of what I wanted from a partner. The next day I received an email and …my ex broke up with me. It first, I was upset because I was hoping that the angels would fix my present relationship but in time I realized that they had much better plans for me…but that’s another story…

In 2006, I was living in Glasgow and was very connected to the magical energy there. The angels would give me signs like feathers,rainbows,double rainbows, even I experienced the flower scent in the room…there is when I met “Assiel”, one of my angels. He is one of the angels of healing,

Early this year I had a huge “wake up call” and realized that I really want to dedicate my life to a higher purpose and I want to help others. I have recently overcome a health challenge… I have learn so much about myself and about our precious angels. I feel soo supported and loved that I want everyone to experience that. For me, this is just the beginning of a new life. I recently completed the “Angel Card Reader” certification course and opened a facebook page in which I offered free readings and I plan to continue to share energy there. From now on …the sky is the limit…I plan to work with energy healing and crystal healing in the future. I am also very interested about Aromatherapy, Flower essences and their combinations for healing.

2. What is an angel reading, and how do they work?

An Angel card reading is performed with the “Angel Tarot Card” and “Angel Oracle cards”. I choose the type of reading and different decks according to the question or my intuition and guidance.

I always pray and ask that the reading will bring joy to the person I read for and that is for the “highest good”. Once I have all the cards, I use all my senses to read them …I get thoughts and images in my mind and that’s how I can relate the message to my client.

3. Give examples of who can benefit from an angel reading.

Everyone can benefit from an Angel reading. Their messages are always loving and uplifting. They are here to help you and guide you in every area or your life. I noticed that most of the time, readings confirm things that my clients already know. We are all able to hear the angels!! We need to learn to trust more…

4. What other services (if any) do you offer?

I also do traditional Tarot reading, with the “Robin Wood” and the “Arthurian Tarot”.

5. What is the most important message our Angels want women to know at this time?

Lourdes Reading

Archangel Michael is guiding and protecting us to lead the world. We have a major role to play in the years to come. There is joy, contentment and gratitude…as we follow the path toward enlightenment. It seems that we have completed something of great importance and we are now ready to move to a whole new level. I feel that we are growing spiritually and have evolved to a new level of understanding of the universe. We will take all we have and really make a difference in our planet. We are guided to join with our strengths and energies into one. Because we are all one with the Universe. Michael wants us to feel safe as we follow the path towards enlightenment. We are here to bring more light and joy.

Archangel Metatron wants to remind us that sensitive children are coming to fulfill their mission of peace and love in this planet. We need to be there for them, work with them, and be the supporting, nurturing mothers that they need. Some of us are Indigos …and Indigos can see the truth and like to take action. As we take the lead we will positively impact the future generations in a very positive way. Archangel Metatron works closely with psychic and intuitive children.

The angels are showing us that the new beginning is very positive and it will be a period of feminine energy. We can expect heightened psychic abilities and increased compassion. We will radiate love and touch more lives. The angels wants us to be ready for this new phase…trust your divine self and be who you are. You will be shown and provided with everything you need to fulfill your spiritual mission.

Also, Archangel Jophiel wants to support us with her beautiful feminine energy and wants us to get rid of clutter, everything that no longer serves a purpose and keep our energies clean and flowing so we can continue to feel the connection with the earth and enjoy life’s little luxuries.

6. How can you be reached for a reading?

Here is my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Bluealchemyreads
Email: Lourdyssima@yahoo.com

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