Our Angels : Liz

Awesome Sisters


Liz Keesey, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher & Angel Practitioner

1. Tell us about yourself and how you began working with Angels.

About 4 years ago I was going through major changes and shifts which at the time had me in total fear of everything in my life. I was having negative visions, visitations from lost spirits and horrible panic attacks. At the time I did not understand that I was being called into service and that the human consciousness was starting a huge Universal shift. So one day as I was feeling totally devastated I went online looking for Meditation classes and to my surprise I found Angel classes. I didn’t hesitate to sign up since I spiritually needed to understand why I felt as something, so life changing was going to happen in my life. Of course at the time since I was so blocked with FEAR I took this wonderful change that was about to unfold in my life as a negative force. I did not understand that the Angels were leading me to a new path in my life. I was getting so many messages from Madonna and many feathers. Later on I found out that the Madonna/Mother Mary is the Queen of the Angels and she was guiding me to them. However, I felt the pull of a bigger and higher source leading me. I ended up going to a Meditation guided by Lisa Beachy that included Archangels. I remember the wonderful feeling I got as I walked into the meditation group for the first time. My hand chakras were burning as all of my chakras aligned to the high vibration in the room, and I felt this pouring of unconditional “Love” in my heart that I had never felt before.

The first Archangel I connected with was Michael and from that moment I felt I had found what I was missing and an end to my fears and anxieties. Soon after that I was certified as an Angel Practitioner by Tina Marie Daly where I was introduced to Angel Oracle Cards and I took a weekend course in Sedona with Tina Daly and Charles Virtue on Mediumship using the Angels. This was the beginning of my Love, trust and admiration for my Angels.

Since the age of 2 I’ve been a Psychic Medium. I had worked with my beautiful Goddess Yemanya for 20 years, so I was not new to doing energy work or connecting to spirit, however for some reason I could not connect to any Oracle cards or Tarot cards. I used Sea Shells as my divination tool and mostly connecting to my Goddess who would guide me into Mediumship. However, once I connected with the angels and the Angel oracles the messages where like sweet whispers in my ear. Since then my life has changed and now I feel more centered, happy, clear, more deeply connected with Angels & Goddesses and for once in my life I feel fearless.

2. What is an angel reading, and how do they work?

Angel readings come from a place of love not fear. Most of the information provided is guiding us in a positive way. There is enough negative in the world so the Angels are trying to help us focus on the positive that lies within all of us and in everyone around us. When we are getting a reading we already know the negative side of the situation that we are trying to change or to navigate thru, so what we need is clarity on why, how and when we can move forward. An Angel reading helps you clear all those questions so you can understand the experience behind the situation and it helps you face it with love, a higher understanding and faith so then it can be partially released or you can go through it with flying colors. Angels understand that WE humans must go through experiences for the growth of our souls. Now how intense the experience needs to be is up to us and the choices we make. It’s not about choosing the best short cut but it’s about looking at it in a positive light and trusting that we are not alone facing our problems or fears. An Angel reading is truly a healing of the soul!

3. Give examples of who can benefit from an angel reading.

Everyone can benefit from such a beautiful reading. All who need help in every aspect of their lifes from love, career, health to overcoming blocks from traumas and experiences that we have chosen to see as negative. Anyone that needs a healing of the heart and soul.

4. What other services (if any) do you offer?

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, a Medium, an IET practitioner (healing with the energy & the violet rays of the Angels), a Spiritual Team Consultant and a Remote Depossession Practitioner (Spirit Releasement). I work with Angel Oracle Cards, Psychic Tarot Cards & Sea Shell divination. I also make crystal Meaningful Jewelry and Angelic Guardian Jewelry as a healing work of art and an amulet that does more than protect you; it aligns you and works with your true desires.

5. What is the most important message our Angels want women to know at this time?


The Angels want you to know to anticipate a miracle occurring, for when we open ourselves to MIRACLES we relinquish our fear to God, to Metatron who stands on the right hand of the Divine. Therefore, Open your mind to the possibility of any challenges you may have being lifted from your shoulders, and when you have let go, the source will gift you with unexpected joy.


However, for miracles to happen you need to SURRENDER. The Angels want you to know that you are holding too tightly to a part of your life, and that you need to relinquish that hold. Trust that healing will swiftly come, for it always does. Resistance only intensifies the aspect of life that we are holding on to, whether this be a relationship, career, or our health. Zaphkiel wants you to surrender to heaven and let the Angels carry you. This lover Angel wants you to learn how you may release all notion of control, substituting such action with a yielding to the ‘management’ of life. It is an illusion that any part of life may be controlled by pre-determining the outcome.  Let go and let God in! Remember, everything that you surrender will be replaced with something better, thus allowing “miracles” to fully happen. This a great time, as it is the end of the year, to get involved in a small ritual: write on a piece of recycled paper all negative things in your life that no longer serve you, burn the list and bury the ashes, allowing Mother Earth to transmute it into NEW life and GROWTH.


Now forgiveness goes hand in hand with surrendering and it is a very big part of allowing miracles to happen. Jophiel is asking you to release the negative feelings of the past, to let go of the substance of the pain that stops you from living a life of unlimited joy and love. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you accept inappropriate behavior towards yourself. It means that you no longer are prepared to carry the pain of reaction within you. When we hold un-forgiveness in our hearts, we may be stabbed by bitterness. Let Jophiel take this burden from you. When you forgive, you heal karma and allow yourself to enjoy more of the wonderful gift of life.


And what more of a gift it can be to have “Romance” and a true love in your life. Zaphkiel is aware of the yearnings that currently emanate from your heart, and intuitively receives the strong desire in your emotional body for the joy of romance, whether this be in a new love or in an existing relationship.

The Angels are returning you to higher vibration of love so don’t cling to idea of a love from the past and do forgive, once and for all, yourself and others. Just be prepared to embark on a new way of loving. This is a time of wondrous change in your loving propensities. Trust that Zaphkiel will work this out for your highest good. Ask him to work on your 8th chakra to stimulate the opening of your Universal heart chakra. This will allow your force to envelop all aspects of your ideal love, in service of the unified field of light, for we are all interconnected.

End 2012 by surrendering to old beliefs and what no longer serves you and truthfully forgiving all that is in the past. The Angels are here proclaiming that 2013 will bring many miracles and a chance for you to find love as you never experienced before!

With love Archangel Metratron, Jophiel and Zaphkiel the Angels of Atlantis.

6. How can you be reached for a reading?

Please contact me if you wish to get a beautiful Angel reading that will heal you on so many levels. I would love to help you connect to your Angels that have wonderful messages and clarity, so that you can start to live your true soul’s purpose.

My contact information Facebook: Liz Keesey, website intuitiveseashells.com (it’s under construction) or you can email me at ekeesey68@yahoo.com.

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