Winter Drawing !


Happy Solstice + Merry Yule !

We danced around with our kick-ass holiday hat!


And we drew a winner!

Tatyanna Wilkinson

Congratulations you gorgeous wummin! You will soon be sporting a ONE OF A KIND hand dyed silk chiffon ribbon sparkled up with a gemstone charm from Earthegy!


E-BannerNEWFormatFor those of you who didn’t win the sparkly goodness….. Chrisy from Earthegy has made everyone a winner with this kick-ass coupon!


Thank you so much to one and all! This was SO much fun… we are destined to do it again!

By the way…it’s nearly time for  quickie!Quickie

Stay tuned … we’ll be announcing that in a Kick-Ass-Alert in the next few days.

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