The Tarot Table



The Tarot Table is now open in the Wummin House!

We are so excited about this groovy table. It’s so inviting!  It beckons you to come and                experience all things tarot and oracle related. Yep. It’s ALL good!

Runes, Tarot, Oracle Decks, Angel Decks, Tea Leaves, I Ching, Numerology or even a roll ‘o the bones. Whatever kick-ass divination tool that trips your trigger is perfect!

Divination practice with purpose :: No prior experience needed

In these experientials, you will be offered the opportunity to develop your relationship with each and every single tarot card in your deck (or rune in your pouch, etc…)

Where the heck is this kick-ass tarot table at?

This table sits happily in the Wummin House.  Not a member yet?  Now’s a great time to join us! Check out the benefits here.


Yearly Subscription $99


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