2012, like a RockStar.



Yeah, I just made 2012 a verb.   🙂

I’m cool like that ‘n chit.

Hey You!

It’s Nessa…. and I love those end of year letters that people send out. They fascinate me to no end. I think to myself that I ought to do that…it’s such a great idea, and then….. *poof* it explodes into a light blue cloud of fukit.  I want to share, I enjoy sharing. Sharing is Caring!  I wish I could recall what it was I was doing in January 2012, but I can barely remember what I ate for dinner last week. Maybe next year when  Dana and I have been kicked back at the Wummin House for a full 12 months it will be a YSS 2013 Love Letter… but for now as 2012 Rock and Roll’s its way on down into the archives of the ages… I wanna say… Thank You.

Thank you for …

days filled with bright bursts of joy.

evenings that glittered up my heart.

nights that brought amazing inspiration to my life.

late night goofiness.

technicolor dreamtimes.

Thank you for…

Sharing. Caring, Laughing. Crying.Smiles. Hootin’ and  Hollerin’.

Thank you for…

living out loud and allowing me to hang around as you learn and grow.

And you know…….thank you for…

The 20 FB pokes in a row (tag, you’re IT!), the random texts I send you asking you to hold my wine and watch this chit…….. and thank you for not minding when I let the phone ring so that I can dance to the ring tone.

I’ve been gifted with …… gahhhhh I can’t even begin to describe it all. Heck, most of it is indescribable. 🙂

So I say thank you for Rum Chata, fuzzy pajama pants, colored pencils, laughter,  and endless supply of virtual hugs.

And thank you for your presence in my life.

With massive hugs and sloppy kisses, straight up from the Wummin House….

This post is for YOU!

With SisterLove,



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