Confessions of the Magickally Mundane


Dana and I are always so excited each time a new room in the Wummin House is discovered. The Magickal Attic in the Wummin House is a place for each of us to explore our magical selves and practices. It’s a special place to bounce ideas, share connections, and nurture that mundane spark that fuels our magical lives.

Yeah, the top of my microwave also serves as my working altar. :)

Yeah, the top of my microwave also serves as my working altar. 🙂

Confession #1

*cough*   My name is Nessa, and I enjoy living a magickally mundane life. I like to blend what is perceived to be magickal and mundane. I like to swish them around and smile while I do it.

This is something that has resonated with me for a long time. Also resonating for a long time is the idea that…. not all who are Wiccan practice magic & not all who practice magick are Wiccan.  Each spirituality seems to practice a bit of something that tends to have a spectacular feel to it. Catholics might light candles, Buddhists might chant, and the list goes on ‘n on.



I’ve always been fascinating that each spiritual path has something integrated into daily life. The thing that intrigued me as I grew up was how something as minor as lighting a candle or reciting a prayer could actually be something so significant that a life could change.

Confession #2

I’m a voracious reader, I’ve read plenty of books. The first, being Diary of a Witch when I was 11 and to the most recent, All the Joy You Can Stand. As much as I adore reading, I like getting up off my ass and doing!  In my magickally mundane neck of the woods, I don’t really have a timeline or specific things I do each day. Nothing much is habit, everything feels fresh, full and bright.  And well… that works for me.

Confession #3

There have been times when rolling waves “holy crap, I have no daily practice” roll through me and I think that I should have certain daily magickal practices. I should have a calendar, and I should… I should….  I …panic. Hardcore. I make plans to wake up to greet the Sun, to meditate at my altar, and to remember by heart what astrological sign that the moon is in. I try to make up a to-do list and keep up. At this point, my smacking the snooze button on the panic alarm and going back to my mellowly magical mundane life is very much welcome.

Jussoyano…….I finally threw that panic button out. It never did offer me diddly-squat towards enriching my life.

🙂  Nessa

PS: Speaking of gorgeous places, faces and jewelry….  Did ya enter to win yet?

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