Kick Ass into Spring!

Experiential Classes

Wanna Kick Ass into Spring…. in a super shiny (+FREE) way?


Kick Ass into Spring with our super shiny Crystal Experiential!

This experiential begins MARCH 17th and runs until MARCH 24th.

So, how do you get in on this deal?

Easy, you know that post you just saw about this experiential?
Hurry….!   Go back and respond to that post with:
“I want to Kick Ass into Spring!”
and we will add you to the private FB group for the Crystal experiential.

Registration ends on MARCH 16th- so get up on this! 😀

Oh. Real quick-like …

Yes, it’s FREE! *and* you do not need any specific crystals or stones to participate.





 (psst…. not feeling the need to click the back button?    Well… lucky you!
If you reply to this sister-note, that’s cool too!  Just make sure you tag NessaCrescentMoon on FB as a friend so you can get added to the experiential!)

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