Limitless Love

Experiential Classes

Hello, I’m Nessa and  I want to introduce you to my … Transparency

It’s a very scary and delightful thing, transparency.

Let me share my own experience of transparency with you…..
[excerpted from my personal journal, dated 2.17.07]

I know that the safety of being able to use self-judgment as a means of controlling, justifying and measuring shortcomings and failure is LOST when I trust another to see me completely and fully as I am.

If I choose even just one person in which to place my trust, and if that choice is to have any meaning, then transparency to that person must be complete. This means I am empowering another to assume a position to accept all that I am. I share my aspirations, my actions, my shame, my pride and my desires with faith that the information I give is critical. I assume my offering of transparency will strengthen rather than detract from my relationships.

I must continually  work to trust that the absolute knowledge I grant to another will be used in my best interests. This is difficult, as sometimes transparency means admitting that I may be less than perfect.

I can easily be left with disappointment, anger, or withdrawal. When this happens to me, I have to believe that these negative reactions will be short-lived and inconsequential, especially when compared with the deep bond my revelations have helped to create. I know that I am not the only one with shortcomings.

For me, transparency is part of Love.
It offers me countless opportunities to be limitless in Love.

To each of you, I invite you to taste test transparency with me and experience Limitless Love in the safe and sacred space of the Wummin House here at Your Sacred Self. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn how to practice vulnerability and transparency without shame or the fear of being judged.


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