Limited Edition erotic botanical set. Available May, 2013~

PulseA note from the Goddess:

My Precious Daughter ~

Just for a moment, sit quietly. Listen to your rhythms. Feel the pulsing of your core… your natural beat.

Your heart.
Your breath.
Your belly.
Your womb.

Touch yourself.

Yes.     There.       *pulse*

Engage the energy that moves your breath – your blood – your bones –

Your beat.

Kiss yourself. Use a little tongue.


Give yourself permission to feel the fullness of your erotic self. Open up in sacred offering to your Self.

Open to Your pleasure.
Open to all that you are, my beautiful daughter.

For you Are. *pulse*

Pulse :: A slightly erotic and extremely sensual fragrance + elixir set, guaranteed to evoke some self love.


1- 1/2 dram sample of erotic botanical perfume *created by moi*

1- 1 oz bottle of Shakti stirring elixir *all organic*

1- 2 oz bottle of sensual *all over!!* body oil

1 bag of Pulse tea blend

Just in time for the Beltaine season. ♥ Ready for shipping mid May.

More luscious details soon!

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