Pulse:: Putting it all Together



Our glorious botanical creation is coming along nicely. I have hand blended 10 sets of the following: erotic botanical perfume samples *full size oils sold separately*, 2 ounces of voluptuous “all over” body oil and 1ounce of botanical *erotic* elixir (aka: “sex in a bottle”).

I am considering a gorgeous tea blend for this trio, but I am wondering if tea plus the elixir is “sensory overkill”… I definitely wouldn’t suggest using them together… because… seriously, this chit works.

I just now ordered yummy labels that match the theme of this amazing set. Trust me, you don’t want my handwriting on your bottles this time. This limited edition set needs to be as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

While these babies are waiting on their labels, I’d like to share how they came into existence.

Once upon a time, Nessa and I had a deep desire to not only offer experientials here at the Wummin House, but also to make available tangible offerings of love + connection for all of our ladies. Since I am an herbalist *and enamored of high end, organic botanical perfume oils*, I felt like I could contribute something of great value… I just didn’t know what it was yet.

Fast forward to February: I am staying with a Your Sacred Self sistah in Orlando, FL, and we are doing some amazing collaboration together… she is over on her fluffy bed writing like a mad wummin, and I am over on my fluffy mattress, kicked back and doodling in my Goddess notebook… and all of a sudden, THIS comes out and onto a page:

*this is the poem that started this amazing creation: Pulse*

WELL! All of a sudden, I felt this quickening… and it wasn’t in my heart. *wink* And as soon as I returned home, I immersed myself in fragrance… pure, gorgeous essential oils and absolutes and CO2s… *le gasp*

When I came up for air *and out of my trance*, I had the most amazing botanical perfume oil creation! I shivered. I questioned myself. I let it set for a while. I went back and sniffed it. I ran back to my Goddess journal, re-read the poem and said, “This is it. This is Pulse.”

By late March, my little herbalist brain had mixed together a companion elixir, body oil and tea set. This elixir and tea blend is designed to gently support a woman’s energy levels and hormonal system, no matter if she is a maiden, a mother or a vibrant wise wummin crone. This is some powerful mojo, ladies, and I am one proud mama.

More details will be coming very soon.




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