Pulse Love Note

Pulse Botanical Set

Pulse Botanical Set

Greetings, Love.

I must tell you, I am such a botanical snob. Don’t get me wrong… I adore the beautiful plants that most people call weeds, and I use their medicine with gratitude, but I only work with fresh or freshly preserved plant material, high quality organic oils and waxes *read: if you can’t eat it, you don’t need to wear it*, and extremely high quality essential oils, absolutes and co2s in my botanical blends.

I spend most of my time growing herbs and creating magic with them via elixirs, infused oils, body butters, tinctures and tea blends, and I love to incorporate my herbal products into my bodywork practice.

This is the work of my heart. This is the work that brings me the most pleasure; to share products and experiences that deepen a woman’s self-awareness and inspire her to reach for what brings her pleasure. Nessa and I often talk about what a thrill we get when we see how women blossom and become more empowered during their time with us.

I am deeply honored to be sharing Pulse Erotic Botanical Set with you. I do believe this is my very favorite creation of all time because it is so close to my heart: Self-Pleasure. I am all about some self lovin, and I love to see women embrace pleasure… knowing that my creation inspires women to learn to connect with the pleasure sensors in their bodies is amazing and humbling to me.

These blends were designed not only to get your juices flowing, but also to strengthen your immune and hormonal systems. If you find that any of them are too strong for you, simply use less of it at a time or *for the perfume and body oils* you can dilute the blends with organic almond oil (or any unscented oil). I love to use a dropper full of the elixir in my erotic tea blend for an extra pulse… or sometimes I have dropped about 6 to 10 drops into my mouth for a powerful taste.

Pulse Erotic Tea Blend tip: keep in mind that some of the heavier ingredients in this tea blend, such as berries, roots and cacao nibs, tend to settle to the bottom of the bag. You may wish to take it out of the bag and mix it again before filling your tea strainer for a nice, full bodied brew.

Pulse Botanical oil and Perfume oil tip: Be sure to shake both of these products well before using them; the heavier oils and absolutes separate from the lighter oils in these blends, especially in the perfume oil *I love the multi-toned effect of it*.

Pulse Botanical Elixir tip: This is some powerful chit. J Start out with smaller doses until you get used to the taste and effect. If you take it directly by mouth, undiluted by tea, I suggest 6-10 drops at a time, up to 3 times per day. If you use it in your tea, feel free to use it by the dropperful, but I wouldn’t suggest taking it in the evening *unless you are planning a hot night*… I find that this elixir + rest time = restlessness. LOL

Again, thank you, dearest heart, for choosing to immerse yourself in Pulse. I am honored, and I would love feedback on your experiences with this blend.

If you have not yet purchased your set, send an email to yoursacredself *at* gmail *dot* com, and we will make sure you get one! the price is 68.50 + 7.00 shipping. We only have 6 more of these beauties left, so contact us quickly!

All my love.


My Precious Daughter ~

Just for a moment, sit quietly. Listen to your rhythms. Feel the pulsing of your core… your natural beat.

Your heart.
Your breath.
Your belly.
Your womb.

Touch yourself.

Yes.     There.       *pulse*

Engage the energy that moves your breath – your blood – your bones –

Your beat.

Kiss yourself. Use a little tongue.


Give yourself permission to feel the fullness of your erotic self. Open up in sacred offering to your Self.

Open to Your pleasure.
Open to all that you are, my beautiful daughter.

For you Are. *pulse*


One thought on “Pulse Love Note

  1. Yummy deliciousness! I got my set yesterday and before I read this put a dropperful in my mouth and tested each item. The smallest vial (perfume oil) smelled so good I wanted to lick my own arm. I’ll wait for the weekend to soak in the tub, have a cup of tea and give myself a full rub down 😉 with everything. Dana–You’re da botanical bomb! This stuff is fantastic!

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