A Most Epic Renovation


Hey Wimmin!1383495_484412898333039_895588608_n




We are in the midst of an epic renovation of the Wummin House and we want you to be a part of the glorious remodel!






What the fuuuu are we doing?
We are tearing down the walls and creating a wide and deep sacred space without any walls to separate us.  Anticipate an even more phenomenal Wummin House that we can truly, deeply, madly circle round and explore ourselves in.


How will this happen?
We are evolving from the “room” concept and moving down the block to a single room Wummin House.



Why the remodel?
The Gazebo.  This kick-ass space gave us an epiphany!  We thought hmm….*this* should be the Wummin house! Totally! Heck, it is where we all connect in awesome real-time; it is also easily accessible from mobile devices and home computers. Any of us can peek in, sit down, or roam freely within without having to try to log in to a special site or wait to read a post because we must log in to a special site.


So, we started sprucing up the Gazebo, and we will inaugurate our Wummin House with a Wild Wummin House Blessing on October 18th – the Full Moon!! 




Yo- What else is up?

Magnificent Membership! $99 a year and you recieve unlimited time in the Wummin House, unlimited exploration and chat time with us, membership goodies that nourish your body + spirit, and ceremonies and celebrations that enrich. 

Free + Easy ! Right now, experientials are available  to members only as we offer them during the experiential or after the experiential is complete in a PDF download. With this renovation, we will have many past experientials available on a single webpage for residents of the Wummin House to easily pick + choose and download and savor again and again.


Solitary Experientials! They have begun! A solitary experiential allows a woman who is not a member to take one of our experientials on her own without the sharing, support,


Delivery Upgrade! We are working to begin upgrading the delivery of our experientials. Soon, once an experiential begins, participants will be delivered very special e-mails nearly every day of an experiential.  Experientials will still have private groups so that participants can share, learn and grow with other wimmin.




Like Virginia Woolf, “As a woman, my country is the whole world.” – Truth! We can be anywhere and connect and explore our sacred selves in safe wummin space. We are so flippin’ excited about this renovation.  It’s offering us the opportunity to better connect with one another and allow us to continue offering exciting experientials.

Let’s rock this!





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