Glitterin’ up the joint


We are busy. Kinda.
Ok, truth. We are decorating.
Nessa and Dana grabbed some glitter and now we are in a glorious sparkly state of Wummin House-ed-ness.

Dana: “Is that a word?”             Nessa: “fukit. it is now.”

And for fun….. We are offering a peak into 2014. Our theme is *Finding Your Place*. We love it so much. ❤

We created “Your Sacred Self” over a year ago but always ended up referring to it as
*The Wummin House*.  Tonight, we finally took the steps to simplify. So cruise around and check out our sparkly chit. 😀

We updated our website:

and updated our Twitter

and our Pinterest!

Stay tuned…. we might just pull a rabbit out of a hat.

and PS:  Have ya checked out the kick ass line of FUKIT herbals?

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