Goddess Bundles


Goddess Bundles


Have you made the commitment to give yourself lots of love and sweet support this year? Each year I renew my commitment to fall deeper and deeper in love with my gawgeous self, and, as a ceremonial herbalist, I take great pleasure in creating ceremony and ritual around my commitments.

Goddess bundles are some of my favorite things to create; they can be used for most anything, and the fabulous part is that all of your tools are in one place when you are in need of some sacred soul medicine.

I have made Goddess bundles for grief, for self-love, for sacred ceremony or ritual as the seasons change, and for pleasure medicine.

This particular bundle is inspired by Marybeth Bonfiglio of Amulet Magazine, and her blog post and February offering, “Seduce Yourself (a Journey)”.Yeah, Nessa and I signed up for that chit, and it’s gonna be good.

Here’s how I made my Goddess Bundle:


Find a piece of cloth that will hold your sacred tools. This piece of cloth was gifted to me by a very special (and obviously intuitive) herbalist friend. Next, assemble the tools you will need. I chose several elixirs, including rose, a tulsi/rose blend and Pulse elixir (because I just can’t get enough of that chit. Read more about it in my shop: Pulse Erotic Elixir.)


I also added a quartz crystal that was charged under this recent “Wolf” full moon, a few other significant stones, some gorgeous botanical perfume and a stick of palo santo for smudging.

All of this and more was wrapped in my bundle and placed on my altar. When Feb 1 rolls around and our month long email lovin from Mary Beth begins, I will take my bundle down and use something (or more than one something) out of it daily.


PS. I’ve got some sacred chit in my bundle, and I didn’t show all of the contents. You can get yummy like I did and toss in a vibe or a bullet, maybe some sensual body butter, or maybe a little “Pulse” erotic elixir if you really want to get in the mood. Knock yo-self out.

*kiss your mirror*






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